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Why choose Grand?


The aesthetics and good appearance of each product are of great importance and we make sure that your packaging looks perfect


We are a long-term leader in the production of corrugated and cardboard packaging and work with a quality management system.


Having our own production base allows us to produce all kinds of cartons and cardboard packaging to fit perfectly your needs

We offer

Offset printing

Offset printing today is the most common method of printing large runs (you can print literally anything).

Flexographic printing up to 4 colors

Flexo stamping is applied on transport packages made of corrugated cardboard. We will print your logo on the package in up to 4 colors.

Production of luxury packaging

With us you can be sure that your product will receive innovative and high quality packaging that emphasizes your brand.

Laminating and punching

Laminating is a technology that attaches 2-layer corrugated cardboard to the cardboard box to give the necessary strength to the prints and design.

Foiling and palletizing

We will pack your products in bundles and they will be foiled and palletized in the most convenient and easy way for you.

Transport and Logistics

Our company has two semi-trucks, a solo truck and a 3.5 t bus. with which we will deliver your products. We also offer transportation services.

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