Frequently asked questions

  • What is corrugated cardboard?

    Corrugated cardboard is a type of corrugated cardboard (waved), between two smooth layers of paper (liner). During production, the wave is attached to the liners with starch glue, giving it the necessary strength. Corrugated cardboard is an elastic and light material, which is of great importance for those who send large quantities of shipments. Corrugated packaging stays strong even when exposed to shocks, moisture or sudden temperature changes.

  • What is cardboard?

    Cardboard is a multi-purpose material made from cellulose (often recycled), binders, fillers and other ingredients depending on the functions for which it is intended to be used. It is bleached and unbleached (cardboard). There is no sharp line between cardboard and paper. According to the standards of DIN - Germany, cardboard is any paper with a mass over 150g/m². This type of material is most often used to make small boxes and packages.

  • What is the difference between corrugated packaging and cardboard packaging?

    Corrugated packaging is usually used to transport the product, as they are stronger, impact resistant, stable and resistant to various conditions. The cardboard packaging has lower strength, but gives a beautiful and original look to the product, which reaches the end user. In fact, absolutely everything can be printed on the carton and the box can be folded in any way.

  • What is laminated packaging?

    The laminated packaging consists of an outer layer of cardboard, and the inner is glued with a two-layer corrugated cardboard. In this way, the outer part (cardboard) can be printed with an original design to give the packaging a beautiful look, and the inner part (corrugated cardboard) to give the necessary strength.

  • What boxes do you offer?

    The boxes we offer are individually made for each customer from high quality corrugated cardboard, in accordance with the requirements for size, strength, color, printing and method of assembly. They can be completely white, brown or a mixture of white and brown. If the cartons will withstand a very large load, they can be "sewn", which will give extra strength.

  • How will I receive the cartons / boxes - folded or assembled?

    All cartons / boxes are shipped folded and foiled. This makes them the easiest to transport and store. You can assemble the folded cartons very easily with duct tape.

  • What is the difference between three-layer and five-layer boxes?

    The difference between three-layer and five-layer cartons is in the thickness and strength of the corrugated cardboard. Three-layer cartons are usually used for lighter products that will be transported over short or long distances. However, according to your needs, they will be strong enough to be able to be arranged at height, withstand transportation and keep your product unharmed. The five-layer cartons are made of thicker (five-layer) corrugated cardboard. They are stronger, more stable, reliable and can withstand higher loads.

  • Can I use the cardboard box / carton for food packaging?

    Yes. All raw materials that we use to make the boxes have the necessary food contact certificates.

  • Can I store cartons at negative temperature?

    Yes, there is a special quality paper that is designed to be durable enough to withstand even -20 degrees Celsius.

  • Can a logo be printed and what is the difference in price with and without printing?

    Yes, we can print up to four color printing, depending on your needs and requirements. There is no difference in the price with printing / without printing, it is a gift from us for you. Only a one-time cliché is paid, which is made especially for your logo / design.

  • How will the boxes be delivered to me?

    For the convenience of our customers, we offer various delivery options. The company is equipped with two semi-trucks with a carrying capacity of 24 tons, a 3.5 ton freight bus and an 8 ton solo truck. We also work with all delivery companies in Bulgaria.

  • How do I get an offer?

    Make an inquiry through the form or send us an email to with specifying sizes, color, circulation, load capacity and type. Within 24 hours our representative will contact you if we need additional information for the preparation of an offer.