TOP 15 interesting facts about cardboard boxes you didn't know!

The cardboard box is one of the most preferred packaging options due to its lightness, strength and durability. And because most of us nowadays turn to online retailers for shopping, we see more cartons than ever before!

TOP 15 interesting facts about cardboard boxes you didn't know!
  1. Sir Malcolm Thornhill made the first box of corrugated cardboard in England in 1817.
  2. Folding cardboard boxes were accidentally discovered by Scottish inventor Robert Gere when someone cut thousands of paper envelopes at his factory.
  3. In 1840. cartons are becoming popular in France. They are used to transport eggs all the way to Japan.
  4. Cartons and cartons are no longer used only for packaging. Over 70% of manufacturers use printed packaging to increase consumer interest.
  5. Virtually any design can be printed on cardboard boxes and it is the only packaging material that can be cut and folded into any shape or size.
  6. Corrugated packaging is currently the most environmentally friendly packaging solution on the market. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable, recyclable and can be cut to the right shape and size so that your products take up less space during transport.
  7. The next time you visit France, do not be sure to check out the 'Musee Du Cartonnage et de Imprimerie'. This is a museum entirely dedicated to cardboard packaging and boxes.
  8. Cardboard boxes are usually made from recycled materials, as nearly 70-80% of the boxes are recycled.
  9. In the beginning In the 20th century, boxes replaced wooden crates and boxes, making them lighter and more practical.
  10. In 2004, Melbourne architect Peter Ryan designed and built a habitable house made of corrugated cardboard.
  11. The word 'corrugated cardboard' is actually just a general term for 'heavy-duty paper of various strengths'.
  12. About 80% of all products sold in the US and the EU , are packed in cartons.
  13. Recycling just one ton of corrugated cardboard will save 100 liters of oil, 4000kW of electricity, 17 trees and 7000 liters of water. These amazing data demonstrate the power of recycling and how, if every citizen does their part, we can save a lot of natural resources.
  14. Cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard have the highest percentage of recycled packaging in the world. This means that they are the most recycled type and is another reason why they are the most popular way of packaging.
  15. In the European Union, over 84% of corrugated cardboard is recycled every year. This means that the boxes and cartons you buy and use are most likely to be recycled and will most likely be recycled and reused. This is the reason why they are the best type of packaging for the environment, and this is the reason why they are the most popular packaging choice.